Sunday, August 06, 2006

Greetings from Beyond!

After months and months (....and months) of resisting the very notion of having a weblog and the entire e-community peering into my life, i finally gave in! This is my very first Weblog, and after going through the simple setup procedures, i still don't know what to do with it!

So here's the deal:
  • I'm from Kuwait, born, bred & raised.
  • I'm fascinated with one-liners, Confucius sayings and Billy Connolly cracks.
  • I detest superficial social responsibilities-they're always infringing onto my siestas!
  • I choose to be unique, just like everyone else! (this one's from a calendar i had hanging in my office)
  • I'm finally blogging because i've run out of interesting, cerebral activities to do online.
  • I take my drip coffee from Starbuck's with a shot of Hazelnut in the morning, or else i'm as wicked as Mexical Chilli with Jalapeno Sauce!

As I'm typing this, i'm having flashbacks of the days when i used to own & maintain a couple of websites. That was back in the 1990's, when i was in college, testosterone levels as tall as skyscrapers, when all my priorities were set up to avoid classes and still be able to get away with passable grades, no matter how big the lies were! I remember spending an entire month hooked onto an mIRC chatroom, a Pentium 100, a 28.8k connection, and Heavy Metal music coming out of my stereo (mp3 didnt' exist then!!).

It was the dawn of the internet age, in a time where the term 'pervasive computing' wasn't known, and cookies and trojans ran amuck in the wild! It was a time when CD cradles unexpectedly rolled out, and PC's acted so wierd that people actually 'shut them off' when they're not being used (GASP!!!!) It was a time when online gaming was in the domain of the Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's) and networked PC's in an office! It was a time when Solitaire was the greatest achievement for a non-PC literate individual....the 1990's, what a time!

Fast-forward to today, and i see myself wasting my office time on weblogs and emails and investigating time-consuming useless stuff, like why do men suffer the indignity of being men, or man's inhumanity to man (!) or why is it that we (the Human Race) haven't set up a WIFI spot on the Moon yet (time-waster...get my drift?)

Anyway, here it is, my very first weblog post (or blog, as the present terminology indicates, apparently!) Can't promise any regular updates, because frankly, I DO have a life outside my PC screen-not that it's any of your business, of course, but hey, as the site says, it's my Amalgamation

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