Saturday, August 12, 2006

Open Season on Braveheart

The recent outburst by Mel Gibson while being arrested for drinking & driving reminded me of the willingness of Humanity to be 'spoon-fed' with stereotypical, morailty-infused 'one-liners', like "Racism is the scourge of the world" and "All men are equal under God" and "Jews have been persecuted all their lives" etc..

Let's consider that gulping pints and pints of alcohol makes a camel look like Brooke Shields (or Brad Pitt, whatever goes for you), and then mix that fact with a multi-millionaire Hollywood star like Mel, who brought us Silver screen gemsl like the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon series, the great Saga of Braveheart (a gem in my DVD collection!), and recently, the notorious Passion of the Christ, being arrested while under the influence of said alcohol, blurted out his inner feelings. An overwhelming response by anything and everything loosely connected to the Jewish community explodes! Along come a web-based report 'reporting the facts' as it were, and starting a chain-reaction, bringing in Gibson's past into the picture, his father's opinion, et al!

Even with two public apologies and official requests for assistance with his alcohol problem, entities like the Anti-Defamation League are still skeptical about Gibson's sincerity.

Personally, I think the Jewish community has decided that Gibson was Anti-Semitic from the moment he decided to direct the "Passion" movie, and that they were waiting for something like the DUI arrest to say "AHA! Now we got him!" Never mind that the"Passion" movie was closer to the true facts than any other biblical scripture, never mind the fact that Christ was to save the Jews, and was sold into persecution and death by the very people he was to save as a result...Oh no, Gibson crossed the line by reviving this issue, and now he's paying the price for it.

In view of his upcoming movie "Apocalypto" some anti-Gibsonites said that he won't succeed in promoting or selling the movie, but in the end, money talks-as I always say!

I believe it's prudent to say, here, that Gibson will continue to succeed, excel and make blockbusting and thought-provoking movies until he retires (or gets retired!)

What does it take to be forgiven, I wonder?

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The Zone said...

Sharp analysis... We agree all d way!!
G. from The Zone