Sunday, October 22, 2006

Eid Mubarak: DON'T enjoy your Vacation!!!

The recent announcements made by the Governmnent and Union of Kuwaiti Banks regarding the Eid Vacation couldn't me more inconvenient! Imagine 3-day vacation smack in the middle of the working week, just because some "high-roller" with seven-digit bank accounts and powerful links to the government thought that a 1-week vacation would be a financial setback to the economy & income (including his personal income, of course!).

Last Tuesday, everyone was thrilled that the govermnent Eid vacation, plus the UKB vacation combined would give everyone a 1-week's PAID vacation. The next day, the whole thing's withdrawn!

If the Government had any real backbone, they'd stick to their word, even if it was the wrong choice. It shouldn't have announced it's decision int he first place, much less withdraw it.

Oh well...a 24-hour virus is still a good excuse! >)

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