Sunday, January 28, 2007

My take on the 18th AGCC Cup

I'm not a Football/Soccer fan, by any measure of imagination. Since the demise of the Kuwaiti Football (as I call it) back in the late '80s, coupled with the forced retirement of Kuwait's hero, Jasem Yacoub, not to mention the gradual politicization of Kuwaiti Sports, I was simply turned off from anything to do with sports in general, and just simply followed motor sports on occasion. However, from time to time, and as the opportunities present themselves, I sometimes follow a match where Kuwait is involved, just for bragging rights!

However, when I followed the matches in the 18th AGCC Cup, I was disgusted with Kuwait's results. More dangerously, I was NOT surprised, just more assured that my fears were correctly placed. But the sheer defeat and abysmal professionalism of the Kuwaiti Team this year was so far gone that I was actually moved to following this issue using the many satellite tv channels and news media...something I never imagined myself doing before!

We all know the political intricacies and inner dealings that go on within the Kuwaiti Sports Federation and Sporting clubs, but I never imagined we'd be standing by idly and watching careless and unprofessional people take positions of authority within these NPOs and NGOs in order to build up their political careers whil totally ignoring the sports and the youth upon which they ride to their success.

It's a problem that (in my opinion) is deeply rooted into the flawed and hijacked educational system of Kuwait. For example, when did any of you hear about an inter-school footbal tournament within the Kuwaiti Secondary Schools? Basketball? Volleyball? Watersports? Or a Cooperative society sponsoring any Sporting tournament for it's shareholders kids?

On the other hand, the private & foreign schools, namely those that have been accused by the local extremist media for 'hijacking fresh Kuwaiti minds into beliving in, and living by, decadent Western standards' hold annual regional sporting and socio-political tournaments like MUN, KIFSAC, EMAC. These are events and organizations that teach the young about critical thinking, teamwork, dedication to personal goals and to others, and physical and mental fitness, exactly the kind of extra-curriculur activities you'd want your child to participate in along with academic proficiency.

On the other hand, the newspapers are littered with articles about the so-and-so Quran Recitation tournament, or a Hajj & Umra trip, or a "Garage Sale' for producing families! If you closely analyse the most publicized sporting events in Kuwait, you'd find things like the NBK Walkathon, the Kuwait Banker's Association Football and Cricket Tournaments, the KOC Billiards Tournament, etc...all Private Sector sponsorships!

Where are the sponsorships that count, that show everyone that the Government of Kuwait is one that cares for the Youth and their physical education as equally as their mental and spiritual upbringing? ZERO! The reason? The Government is hijacked by greedy despots that hold political ambitions and monetary gains far higher than anything, including their own kids! Just take a look at one school's activities and see for youself the excellence, and the stark constrast!

Whatever compelled us to leave the sport to non-sporting people is beyond me! Yes, I blame myself as well as the thousands of Kuwaiti Sports fans for this disgusting turn of events! WE decide who is to head our sports clubs, not our government! It's high time that protests and demonstrations show this fact, which has been oblivious for some time! It's about time new parents and would-be parents start realizing the incremental dangers of leaving a generation-building tool like Sports to those that don't care about our past, present or future generations...just theirs and only theirs!

Waste of time? You decide.....

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