Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year, Same issues

Happy New Year everyone!

It's been some time since i've actually blogged anything, due to the very active schedule i've put myself in. Let's see..

  1. Planned a 3-day vacation with the family at Kempinski resort. Wasn't much of a thing apart from the relaxation and the friends we were with, who made it all worthwhile in the end.
  2. Went to my winter camp with the guys for a day, more relaxation.
  3. Finalized some furnishing for my home.
  4. Online gaming for about 4 hours solid, for two days (a feat, considering my schedule!)
  5. Had decent breakfasts throughout the vacation, something I would otherwise substitute for a hot cup of coffee at the office!
  6. Gave thanks to God for living long enough to see Saddam's neck stretched, as well as his aides! (Actual footage too, not the edited one, thanks to file-sharing sites!)

Apart from that, everything I see is the same in Kuwait:

  1. People still drive around like nuts
  2. People stil try to chat with women, even when their husbands are right next to them
  3. MP's still try to exploit their position for their own gains (or those of their affiliation) and not for the good of the country.
  4. Kuwait Stock Exchange is still playing politics with companies that blatantly break the country's laws, and still at the expense of the small-time investors.
  5. Desert campers still allow their kids (as young as 7 years old!) to drive around in dangerous and noisy 4-wheeled buggies/banshees on paved roads with cars driving within them.
  6. People still camp near electrical cable towers and main highways, and within cramped camping areas near the chalets and residential areas (as if we've run out of empty desert!)
  7. You still have to wait in line for a table, and that's with prior reservations, and if you're lucky enough to find available space on your planned night out to begin with!
  8. Kuwait TV is still trying to catch up with the times. Marina FM still has uncouth and loudmouth hosts who think they're some sort of 'polite' Howard Stern! Al Rai TV still broadcasts lame programs like Fawzia Durai'a, who considers herself Dr. Phil, contaminating young minds in the name of 'free speech'.
  9. Kuwait Airways still doesn't care about customer services.
  10. Roads are still crowded, whatever time you're on them

I guess we can't have our cake & eat it too....

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