Monday, April 16, 2007

Away in Dubai, Part 2

1-Class review: Somewhat boring morning lecture. Everybody seems to be expecting something different that what is being delivered. Nice Coffee break amenities & smoker's facilities, though. The canape's were nice & juicy. I remembered that 'smoking' was a break-in for strangers with no other commonality, and witnessed it first-hand today, when a couple of delegates started talking to each other during the first & second break, more than yesterday.

2-Movie Review: I was so tired to eat anything after class, so I went straight to my room & straight to sleep. Woke up at around 6pm, showered, & was on my way walking around the Mall. Bought some mags then decided to watch a movie, which turned out to be Mr. Bean's Holiday. It was OK, some giggly scenes, nothing like the actual series, though,. Rowan Atkinson is still the greatest physical comedian in my books, so opening his mouth to say "Oui", "Non" and "Gracias" after the third time wasn't all that belly-aching!

3-Food review: After the movie, I bought some more mags & retured to my room to watch the creeping death story of the day on CNN. Decided not to go out for the evening, so I grabbed the menu & ordered a mini-feast: Chicken Caesar's Salad, Lobster Bisque and Spaghetti Bolognaise. Drowned it all down with just water...that's me for the day!!

4-Reflections of the Day: More Russian "tourists" around, and I've also noticed that there are many African employees at the shops. I wonder whether this signals the beginning of the end for Asian/Philippino salespeople. Also, ever noticed how, after asking a question, some guys listen to the answers with their index finger scratching their cheeks?? Why is that? :)

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