Thursday, April 05, 2007

Finally! Someone with guts!

Nouriya Al Sabeeh, what Kuwait should have more of, and what Kuwaiti men of power should be more like! This article said it all, as have many blogs out there, so I won't act like a parrot & repeat what everyone's saying.

What I will say, however, is this:
Who decided that a woman is half a man? How is it fair, when the rules for a male MP are simply "be able to read & write in Arabic, and be above 30 years old", and still have more rights than a woman with a PhD and/or years of education and experience?

If there's to be any amendment to the Kuwaiti Constitution, it should be to amend the rules governing the eligibility of the Nominees in order to include some educational requirements, LIKE A COLLEGE DEGREE!!

I am honored to have at least ONE minister in my government who is both a Woman and a Liberal, and I am honored to have her picture posted in my not-so-famous blog!

P.S.: Thanks for Al Rai Al Aam Newspaper for the pic, and for the Daily Star - Kuwait for the English news article.

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