Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kuwait Prepares for War with Iran

In my earlier post, I talked about the Gulf Area's readiness to confront an attack on Iran by U.S. & (possibly) coalition forces in the area, under the pretext of a continuation of the War on Terror. And much earlier in the year, there were some reports (here and here and here and here) about escalation stages leading up to a final confrontation between Iran and it's 'enemies'.

The U.S.A. has 2 Aircraft Carrier Groups within the Gulf Area, U.S.S. Stennis and Nimitz, not counting it's forward deployment and support bases littered all over the GCC Countries (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Bahrain, Oman) as well as bases in Turkey, Diego Garcia and Eastern Europe.

For comparison one Carrier Group has - on average - over 80 Aircraft, 50 of them are fixed-wing attack aircraft. This means that there are about 150 attack aircraft targeting Iran launchin from U.S. carriers alone!

There's also a French Carrier Group around the area, the Charles De Gaulle, which I'm assuming is part of the Combined Task Force 150 currently based in Bahrain, along with the U.S. 5th Fleet.

Well, now everybody's talking about it openly, and it's being mentioned more frequently than ever before (psychologically preparing the masses??). The following was printed in one of Kuwait's newspapers today, (an English Kuwaiti newspaper also reported it here)representative of Kuwait's state of preparedness in the event that Iran becomes the U.S.'s next target:
  • Fuel: 35 days' worth
  • Water: 2.3 million Imperial Gallons, enough for 3 months
  • Medicines: 6 months
  • Food: 6 months
  • Blood Bank: ample supplies
  • Electricity: Small portable electricity generating units are available.
  • Security plan:to combat any uprisings, violent demonstrations that may erupt around the borders.

Consider this: Kuwait is only 300Km's away from the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor. If Iran was hit.....POOF! Just like that, the nuclear dust - alone - that would rise from Bushehr would effectively cover the entire northern coast of the Gulf-inlcuding Kuwait.

The nuclear comtamination would eliminate Kuwait's stored water, food and blood supplies and Oil for the next 100 years. Anyone living in Kuwait would soon develop cancers & diseases as a result of the contamination, and NO CURE IN THIS WORLD would be of much use.

All indications show some sort of showdown some time later in 2007, maybe after the summer, when all the currently-running and previously planned training exercises are complete, and readiness reports are issued to the commanders all over the area. Or maybe when the weather is adequate enough for Air operations (fair & clear skies, calm waters, etc.)

This means we all have until the end of Summer to consider migrating to a safer corner on this 3rd rock from the sun!

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