Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kuwaiti Juvenile Murderer

I try not to post more than one blog entry in any one day, but when I was reading some old news I came across this article that just blew me away!

Some time ago, I heard about a Korean worked who died under mysterious circumstances, now I find that this poor man was killed by a 12-year old kid with a rifle, who was just 'playing' with it, and with the consent of his father!

What are we coming to? I've heard of Kuwaiti superiority and contempt for anyone non-Kuwaiti, but to take a life? To completely dehumanize another human down to the level of an animal?

How had this child been brought up? Where did he get his weapon? What motivated him to seek and destroy live targets? Humans, no less??

The author argues that the child should be locked up, and while I agree, I would also push the notion that both his mother and father be fined, jailed and forced to pay compensation, in full public view of all the newspapers and TV media!

It's bad enough to tolerate wild and suicidal drivers on the streets, but to be target practice by a 12-year old while his parents are dozing off....what else is there left for us?

One last thing.....why is the Kuwaiti media focused on how many drunks or heroin addicts it's captured while blanketing this particular story??? Shouldn't someone say something?


Intlxpatr said...

It is so weird, the Kuwait Times keeps referring to him as 14 y/o and the Arab Times has him at 12 y/o. One has the father giving him a sniper rifle, the other has his friend giving him a rifle that "they thought shot pellets. So weird. Same story, but the FACTS are totally screwed up.

chikapappi said...

Yeah I've heard about too bas I do not believe what newspapers write because as Intlexpatr said it - thy cover up stuff..

It is so bad to see something like this happening here - it is as if people's lives doesn't matter - since you brought this up, see how they treat maids and deomestic assistants...

Ranger said...

Back in 1983 I was shot at repeatedly when I was playing football in a neighbourhood ground. Shots kept zinging around my legs and I could hear someone laughing in the distance, but I couldn't make out who was doing the shooting. Fortunately I was able to run and hide before I was hit. I guess since I am an Indian I must have been a fun target to practice on. I had no enemies, and absolutely no reason for anyone to shoot me. I was a school kid of 15 or 16, for crying out loud. To me, this was Kuwait, a place I left at the age of 18 and never looked back at.

GreY said...

Disturbing ...whats more disturbing is the lack of media attention in Kuwait ... If it was American or European citizen it would have been all over the headlines ... [ remember the teacher who got stuck this year ]

forzaq8 said...

most Arabic newspapers reported him as 14 years old

and its sad thing to happen , i agree with aggz ,, he and his father should be locked up for life
clearly the father has failed to raise him up , one of the newspaper even reported that the father knew his son shot stuff next to the house

snookie said...

i wonder why kuwaiti media dont report names of criminals..

all the "som3a" bullshit dont apply to them.. actually, it shouldnt apply to ANYONE when it comes to journalism but we're talking about kuwait here :/