Thursday, November 01, 2007

Battlefield 2142: The Game, The Addiction!

I don't know how many of you are there in the blogosphere, but according to in-game statistics, there are approximately 68 Kuwait-based players playing Battlefield 2142. This Sci-Fi, multi-player online game is nothing less than amazing!

I'm one of those proud virtual fighters that spend endless hours running through explosions and setting up kills and other 'man' things that online gamers do.

The strange thing is, when I finally switch off and go to bed, my mind is still fixated onto the game; what strategy to implement the next time, what to try out, which weapon to chose, which server to connect to, etc.'s become an addiction, albeit, a safe one, if you consider your 'me time' to be a valuable necessity to your daily routine. If I'm leaving the house to run an errand right after the game, I catch myself searching for hiding spots among the buildings around town for my in-game soldier!

Case in point: I come home from a long day at the office, frustrated with the events that took place and the levels of idiocy that keep rising like a Tsunami, have my late lunch. Grab a couple of hours' worth of sleep, wake up still frustrated. The first thing I do, if there's nothing family-related I should be attending to, is insert the game's CD, connect to a well-enough game server, and blast away those opponents, imagining them to be some of my co-workers. it's worked wonders for far.

The game itself is superbly designed. Excellent graphics, excellent sound (optimized for XFi technology), terrific team play and collaboration, in-game voice communication, integrates with XFire, the list goes on.

As for in-game strategy, there are too many of them to list here, but let's say that when you've got a group of your friends into a team, with the team leader communicating orders to and from the game's Commander, you're sure to skip dinner, breakfast and lunch in one go!

Compared to other games out there like Halo 3, this game's a tad old, but the recently released 'Northern Strike' add-on makes it all that much better to play.

I highly encourage you to download the demo and test it out for yourself. Just make sure your machine can support it's demanding graphics and performance requirements. My rig has a 750W power supply that never hums it's on board cooling fan unless I'm playing BF2142!

If you're one of those gamers that has already purchased and is playing this game avidly, drop me a line, maybe we can meet up for a game :)

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