Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kuwait Police VS Kuwait Decency

This article gives a glimpse of just how reckless Kuwait Police are, and shows just how much they are part of the traffic problems in Kuwait, and not the solutions!

Somehow, by being inside a Police car, the driver thought that he owned the road, and decided to cut through a red light while the other lane had a green light running. The result is one adult and two kids seriously injured. What if one of them had died as a result of this policeman's reckless driving?

Kuwait's Police force is quickly becoming so decadent, it's quite hard for me to actually respect them or their profession anymore!

Just last week, I was travelling on a short trip, and at the airport, I walked towards the express passport control booth in the departures lounge. I noticed four women sittig behind the desk, one of them was completely veiled, top to bottom! As I walked towards her I heard her 'friends' asking each other about their Bluetooth 'nicks', and exchanging loud sound and movie clips with their mobile phones. And this is the last impression a foreigner gets when leaving Kuwait?!

Upon my arrival from that trip the next evening, and as I was standing at the passport control waiting in line to get my passport stamped, I noticed that a few of the "Arrivals" passport boothes were manned by women. When my turn came up, I noticed that the woman in the boothe I was waiting at was wearing a very colorful headscarf along with her uniform, and on top of it was a very colorful pair of sunglasses - this was around 9pm, and INDOORS!

So instead of professional-looking, well-dressed and representable people, welcoming visitors to Kuwait, I got a Marina-Mall chick with extra-loud colors, funky glasses and noisy chewing gum, asking me from the deepst cavity of her nostril, from where had I just arrived. Not even a 'welcome'....

I thought to myself, 'Well, as long as I don't see any more policewomen on the streets, or in the MOI service offices
, I'll be fine!". But reading through this article, however, I guess my prayers won't be answered!


fonzy said...

'Well, as long as I don't see any more policewomen on the streets, or in the MOI service offices, I'll be fine!".
sorry to be the one to bear bad news but i think u shud check this out:

Rhombus said...

KICK ASS!!! we're gonna have a bunch of Tomb Raider's running around with big "guns" :D WANAASAA! ic ant wait till i get pulled over by one!

LRS said...

Ah, Kuwait traffic. It's problems could be so easily solved. I always said - if only I was the traffic minister... But of course, it will never happen in the near future.