Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nokia N95 Vs Nokia N95-8GB

I've placed myself in the mobile phone market again, after 7 months of continually using my trusty Sonyericsson K800i (silver). No complaints on it, apart from the slightly slow test input and menu scrolling, it's a terrific phone. 3.2MP camera, built-in flash, built-in radio, bluetooth, IR, GPRS, tri-band, contact list, MemoryStick up to 2GB, all in all, it's an excellent phone, n0t much to gripe about, really. Some of the pics in here were taken using this terrific gadget, in fact.

But something compelled me to make a switch, something 'gadgety' and 'mesmerizing, about new technology that seems to make me want to switch my mobile phone every now and then (this is my 4th phone this year alone!).

So i searched the net looking for good reviews, the results were:
1-iPhone: Too much of a hassle and hype for a device with no Arabic support or SMS forwarding options!
2-Nokia E90 Communicator: Too Big & bulky for a mobile phone
3-SonyEricsson P1: Had it for 2 weeks, wasn't worth the effort.
4-Nokia E95: possible
5-Nokia E95-8GB: possible
6-iMate devices: Tried them for a while, and without Push email or SyncML or MS Outlook in your office (that's right, we don't use Outlook at my office...don't ask!), they're not much more than glorified mobile phones!

Now, according to these reviews (here and here) the N95 is supposed to be Nokia's answer to the Apple iPhone, which is perfect for me, because I've always wanted to have something similar to what the iPhone delivers, but with a lesser price tag and local (Kuwait) support. Frankly, I'm not spending money on unsupported technology, no matter how reliable or 'cool' it turns out to be!

So I've short-listed the options down to the N95 and it's 8GB version. All things considered, they're almost equal in capabilities, the major difference is the lack of SDCard option in the 8GB version, which is compensated by the 8GB and different connectivity options.

So which should I get? I'm banking on the 8GB...but still undecided.


muscati said...

Go for the 8GB. First, the black color is cool. More importantly, it has more RAM which is really in these Nokia Symbian devices which are usually slower than mud. Finally, the bigger battery. All the people I know who have the N95 complain the battery doesn't last long, especially if you're using the GPS and the music player.

eshda3wa said...

i never change my fone till it dies and cant be revived, i have a really hard time getting used to new fones!