Monday, December 03, 2007

GPS and Kuwait

In a world of technological advancements and constant lack of time, devices have been invented to aid and assist us in performing many (if not all) of our daily chores. Alarm clocks to wake you up for work, automobiles to drive you to work, traffic lights and roads to allow you to drive to work safely and efficiently (sometimes!), elevators to lift you up to your office, networked PC's to aid your work load, a coffee machine to keep you pumped up, etc. etc..

Not all of them were affordable, or powerful enough, or even portable, however. For example, the first-ever computer was so large it was built permanently inside a factory! The Computers that were used in the Apollo 11 & 12 missions were less powerful than some of today's high-school calculators! The same goes for GPS navigation devices.

I remember back in 2000, an 'affordable' hand-held GPS device from Garmin was as big as a 0.5ml bottle of water, and was only able to provide small monochrome screens that displayed coordinates and destination tracking. But today, right now, in fact, I own a GPS-enabled mobile phone with much more features & functions, and at approximately half the price of a standalone GPS device of 7 years ago.

Do I need it? In tiny Kuwait, of all places? Well, it's a big YES! Nowadays, GPS devices come pre-installed with localized maps that show you directions and places of interest on anything from the main highway to the smallest grocery store, with recommendations for alternatives as well! More of a 'piece of mind' kind of thing, its useful to have a GPS on board, especially if you're looking for something for the very first time, like a private medical consultant's office, or the nearest Police Station or clinic, or a camping area.

Desert navigation is where the GPS is best used. If all else fails, and you're lost somewhere in the desert at 12am, with no lights whatsoever, just consult your GPS and ask it to drive you home, that simple.

One thing is for sure, ill sure be using my brand new GPS device for some off-road navigation this winter!

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Ali said...

I'm wondering if you have an idea about which is the best GPS application for laptops and works in Kuwait, my laptop has built-in gps and it's working with google maps online which is very simple and gives you only the area that you're in, not specific point, no directions and no Kuwait areas names, just street names and not all of them, any help would be appreciated!, contact me at

Thanks in advance