Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Problem is Us people!

I don't get it! Lately i've noticed that more and more people have become more forthcoming about the problems in Kuwait, be they political, economic, social, or criminal. The newspapers are churning out all the dirt they can get their hands on, private Sat-TV stations are blowing more and more exclusive scoops over corruption within the govenment, Diwaniyas and official Diwans (yes, there IS a difference!) are hosting popular public figures, etc etc etc...

The problems...rising prices in eggs (!) and other consumable goods, rising Real Estate prices, growing corruption, growing political cheek (!) growing unemployment, inflation, social misbehaviour, juvenile crime, drug use, lack of respect for the rule of law (by the lawmakers, of all people!) lack of respect for social equality or future it, it's here and we're bickering about it!

What I want to know is, what's being done about it? Is all this compaining going anywhere? Sure, some of us blog about it, like i'm doing here, and others take the journalist's touch and send a letter to one of the major newspapers, or speaks to his MP (like, really?!?) but what's actually being done about it?
I can walk into any general hospital in Kuwait and immediately find silly and serious problems with it's main entrance! Yet, if I walk towards the hospital Manager's office to complain, i can't even find his secretary!
I wonder what can be done to rectify some of the main gripes we're always complaining about every day...


error said...

good question but its not us that is the problem!

place us people in a different environment would we still be the problem?

TOUCHE' said...

Most of those problems have been there except maybe for the real estate, goods prices and probably the rapid increase in inflammation. Recently people have started to talk about them and sadly been used for publicity for the wrong reasons (driven by political agendas).

Politics is the source of all those evils and most probably it's a phase that we must go through till things are stabilized. Everyone is looking for a score and officials refrain from achieving anything to freeze any possible development.

The scenario as I might imagine it is that people shall continue to complain and MIPs shall use that for publicity while the government shall continue to spread deals everywhere till we are in a deadlock and then prove that they are the only ones who are capable to move things forward.

We are heading for a crisis and such event might result with big changes. Let's hope when it ends, a bright start is born.