Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Brave, Compassionate Ahmed Al Rub'iy Is Gone

Kuwait has lost one of it's brightest and most patriotic sons. He was a role model for all of us. Words fail me in describing him. One thing I do remember, after watching the videos from this blogger's post, are these words:

"Our Strength as individuals lies within our souls and our morals; Our strength as a society is our compassion for each other"

I don't like to think of the deceased as 'dead', but rather 'alive when remembered'. Everyone leaves a small part of his person to those he or she leaves behind when death beckons. Be it an impression, a kind word, a gesture of goodwill, a child, a house or even a letter. These provide us with the means to remember our past heroes.

Dr. Ahmed was my hero, an outspoken, enlightened and intelligent patriot, who served his country, his people and his students. A man who fought on numerous intellectual and political battlefields for an idea that is "Kuwait".

I never knew him personally, even though I had the chance to do so numerous times. I did, however, had the astute honor of shaking his hands on a couple of occasions, my heart throbbed wildly in each occasion, as I knew then that I was shaking the hands of greatness itself!

A prince among men, a valiant knight, a patriot and an intellect of the purest sense, this was the man I knew, and this will be the man I will remember for as long as live. May Allah endow him with His Heaven, and forgive his sins, Ameen.

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