Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beware the Kuwaiti Candidate

Watch out for the Candidate that has the following attributes;
1-Shouts a lot
2-Waves a lot
3-Uses the word "inno" instead of "innaho", which is it's correct linguistic derivative!
4-Talks about salary increases like Kuwait was Wall Street.
5-Talks about segregation like it's demanded by God.
6-Talks about Economic Development in terms of 30year old facts, not actual statistics.
7-Doesn't have any actual statistics
8-Complains about bureaucratic problems in government departments without an actual solution except the promise of getting them done for his/her constituents.
9-Complains about the educational system's fallacies without coming up with actual solutions
10Talk like he/she backs Women's rights, but was never part of that political landscape at all!

Give your votes to these people, and you've given away the country to the microbial disease that's been infecting our society since the 1980's.

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flana said...

9a7 w 9a7 w ham 9a7