Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kuwait: The Difference Between Then and Now

Back in the 1960's, right when Kuwait announced it's independence from being a British Protectorate to a full independent Emirate, our forefathers drafted one of the Arab World's most concise and fair Constitution. One that protects the Sovereignty of it's Ruling family while-at the same time-protecting the rights of it's subjects, who are the main source of jurisprudence, effectively creating a balance between the executive and legislative branches of any Democracy.

Back then, the State of Kuwait was basically a glorified town by other standards, so it was easy to discuss issues of the future of the country, infrastructure, development and the likes. One thing was the main common denominator amongst all the other variances in creed, sect or social structure, and that was the honest commitment to the advancement of Kuwait.

Development started to take a more visible role since Kuwait's independence, especially among the Government sector, in terms of Educational institutions, Public Health, Public Works, Regulatory bodies related to the finance and economy of Kuwait, etc. and all had one clear vision: To produce a state worthy of mention and long-lasting, governed by an institution that shares both the responsibility and the authority of caring for the people.

Those that knew what was in store for Kuwait invested in it, and in it's future, because they knew what that meant, both to Kuwait and to their own dependents. The merchant families, for example, created the "monetary cycle" in Kuwait by infusing their private wealth towards building the private sector (Import/Export companies, Banks, Retail & Wholesale stores, etc.) and supporting the Government sector with it, as well as encouraging other families to do the same.

The foreign migrant workers, searching for a stable and safe country, emigrated from all over the World (mostly the Middle East) and brought with them their expertise as well as their families. A new society, rich with it's diversity and distinctions, was born, and provided a keyhole to the rest of the world for the local Kuwaiti population, who became even more intrigued that they ever had been in the past with the idea of being part of a 'world community', that they sent their sons and daughters overseas to study and return with even more ideas and innovations of thought and development with which Kuwait can benefit.

Fast-forward to the present day..

-The last general hospital was build over 25 years ago, at a time when public health is deteriorating as a result of repeated wars and Global Warming.
-The Educational system has segregated male and female students, reducing it's effectiveness, in the midst of an Information Revolution that is still sweeping the globe.
-The essential services like Power and Water are mediocre at best, for 5 years in a row
-The country's Oil industry is long overdue for an upgrade, in the midst of a global expansion of wealth and trade.
-The people are crying out to the government to write off consumer loans and constantly asking for more money, ignoring the concept of future sustainability in a post-Oil world, around a mere 50 years from now.
-The people are asked to participate in a general election with little or no political education, neither by the government nor by the unofficial political parties.
-While it's political age barely reaching 40-something years, political parties are still banned by the government.
-Outside influences emanating from radical and extremist idealogical schools of thought are openly and publicly backing candidates, in full exposure to the Government, and in a country where political parties are banned (!)
-Corruption has reached a level where it is openly discussed on TV, and where vote-sellers actually have a 'bring a friend' program!

As it stands today, Kuwait is a mistake, and now's the time to correct this mistake. We are intelligent enough to get our own internet accounts and surf through the many blogs and websites that can enlighten us and assist us in selecting the right candidate who would propel us into the future, a bright and secure future, free of any idealogical or caste-based restrictions-DESPITE government threats to close down the blogs!

The elected MP will be a person who will be authorized by the people to represent them and become their voice in Parliament. In my books, and in my humble opinion, that is a distinct honor, especially since no one has a right to speak in my name but myself!

As free and determined we may be, we must compromise on issues that are presented to us from our opponents-whoever they may be, but not at the price of our freedoms and rights. Therefore we must vote for those candidates who would be capable of reaching a common ground among the many idealogical and political differences, and not candidates who promise to enforce their own way of life (or that of an exported belief system) onto everyone else, lest they rebel and cripple our political and social life!

We must chose the right person to have the honor of representing us rightly and fairly, not the one who deserves it the most!


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God bless you.