Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where I've been, and where's we're all going.

Some have been asking why I haven't been posting lately, and it's got to do with many factors, largely concerning my apparent loss of interest in Blogging about Kuwait and Kuwaiti issues.

In fact, since the elections earlier this year, the steam's just blown off, and with the failure of the Democratic Alliance coupled with the rise of the Islamic Tribalists (at least that's what I call them), I just gave up trying, and focused instead on my job of running a very efficient-but-very-frowned-upon department, all within my own little personal space I call an office!

So I made a decision to take leave of all the crap that goes around in Kuwait, and find some area of secluded clarity where I can reflect on the benefits of being alive, rather than preparing for the Day of Judgement like some of those TV Mulla's pester us about!

So, what have we missed so far....Oh yes, the jokers at KNPC claiming that the World Bank's Country Report on Kuwait is misleading, (!), then there are the other jokers over at Parliament, who are fooled into focusing on 'preventing corruption' with regards to the country's proposed fourth refinery, then there are the idiots who tried to fix the MOE's "Back to School' date in order to suite their own nocturnal interests, and not their own children's, then you have the paranoid delinquents who think that just because the KSE index fell to low levels recently that there's some sort of conspiracy, irrespective of the fact that the trading times and investors have both dwindled because it's Ramathan! There was the Kuwaiti Olympics Team farce, where Kuwait sent only five athletes to participate in the games, supported vigorously by over forty "administrators" !

And finally, the craziest news I've heard yet; A traitor in the country's National Security Agency! Way to go, people, we're now up there with Philby and Aldrich Ames!

And while all that's going on, everyone's oblivious to the fact that we're living a discrete White Revolution every day. Don't believe me? Here's food for thought:
  • Islamisict Politicians are thumbing their noses at the Government's 'No Political Parties' laws by openly and publicly lobbying for organizations like Hadas and the Salafist Movements.(In fact, they've become so powerful that the Kuwaiti Government members accept their Ghabga invitation-as a political group, no less! To be fair, today's newspapers circulated a report that the National Democratic Alliance is also hosting their own Ghabga tonight, no news as to who's invited, though..
  • Gender Segregation has now successfully penetrated the following places, either officially or unofficially; Government Workplaces, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Banks and Financial Institutions, Shopping Malls and Restaurants.
  • Everywhere one goes, there are pamphlets and posters advertising Islamic-themed "Charity Organization' that collects donations for the poor and needy in Kuwait and the Islamic World. (Not altogether a bad idea, but isn't that what the Zakat House is for??)
  • The FM band is becoming a more crowded place, with all those new local radio stations, some of which are specifically tailored to the 'Islamic listeners', as if all the others out there are from Jupiter or something!
  • In every page in every newspaper you cannot escape a single page without seeing at least one bearded Islamicist, talking something about the immorality of this or that in the Kuwaiti Society.
  • Rumours about of some fatwa being discussed concerning the 'innovated misguidedness of Girge'aan!!! In my books, it ranks up there with the one about women's heels!
So there you have it, all facets of our social life is being controlled, manipulated, screened and influenced by a group of people who, in entrusting their brains to the logic the radicalization through which they were put, believe that their way is the right way, that their rules will save our society, that their laws eminate from a higher authority, and as such, are above all others in this world, and whoever thinks otherwise, or dares to refute their laws and edicts is shunned, threatened and cast out of their circle-or worse, persecuted, fined and jailed.

These are the precursor indicators to a totalitarian state, supported by a Kleptocratic, non-elected class of power-brokers, whose very existence depends on an osmosis of favors, economic gains and power-sharing deals.

I don't mind preachers who spread the true essence of Islam, it's message of peace, love and respect for all creation, as long as they don't defame, belittle and blaspheme everyone whose not following their own brand of religion. I don't mind (and in fact, welcome) those that preach to the followers of other religions, inviting them to embrace Islam, as long as they allow them to make the choice to convert, as opposed to a prerequisite for a work permit! I encourage those that believe in the purity of Islamic Finance, as long as they're given a choice about it. In fact,

When we allow these influences to permeate every level of our society, we allow the perpetrators to gain a larger foothold onto our lives, collapsing our circle of privacy and security (i.e. our freedom) tighter and tighter, until all that's left of a free thought would reside in the mind of a prisoner of conscience, rotting away in a dark, dry jail.

Schemes and plots like these must be identified, stopped, challenged and investigated, and all those responsible should be exposed and tried for what they are: liars and cheaters, bent on taking over our lives and lifestyles. It's inevitable that a clash will happen between the moderates and the Brain-dead Philistines of our current Socio-Political developments.

And now that I'm back from my 'cerebral vacation', I think I'll take up my positions and do my part in this battle of Ideologies.

So, what are YOU going to do?

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