Saturday, November 01, 2008

Any Good System Builders in Kuwait?

Since my last post, I've been busier than I can explain, but now that things are cooling down (slightly) for me, I've decided to re-visit my passions, starting with replacing my existing PC.

In one of my earlier posts I was contemplating building my own system, but since I'm such a lazy couch potato, I decided to do the 'Kuwaiti' thing instead, and pay someone to do it for me!

The thing is, my last experience with a builder was so aggravating that on many occasions i reserved to replace/fix the malfunctioning parts myself, simply because I can't stand being talked to like a lame newbie by Asian 2-year college dropouts whose credentials include holding a Philips screwdriver properly and following the manufacturer's installation instructions word-for-word!

Does anyone know of a reputable and experienced systems builder in Kuwait that I can go to? Aside from "Professional Computers" shop in Hawalli-the guy's a rude rip-off!


AQ said...

first of all, if you are intrested in building a bad ass top of the line pc, order the components online otherwise it'll end up costing u 70-100% more. i tried to compare the prices of indivisual components between 7awalli and online (plus S&H) no comparision. now if u want a decent pc ie. Q6600 3-4GB RAM, 320-500GB HD etc.. there's a decent guy who works in a small shop in wala'a the shop is called "terrace center" if im not mistaken. its located on the outter lift side of wala'a, thats opposite to ruwaished center.
good luck

MBH said...

E-Mail me with what kind of system you have in mind, and we'll work it out.

(typical desktop, gaming, high-end gaming, 3D rendering & modeling, ...etc.)

If you have certain applications which you always need to use, include them.

If I'm in a good mood, I won't charge for assembling the box. If I'm not, I'd charge 30KD for coming with the specs according to your usage and to assemble the box.

MBH said...

I forgot to mention that choosing the specs is free either way, like if you decide to build the system after finding which specs you're after, that's fine by me. No charge.