Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gaza Airstrikes: Al Qaida, Hamas and Arab Logic

The latest atrocities within the occupied territories is by all measures simply terrible, no two people on Earth can say otherwise. But considering that Hamas nullified the previously brokered truce with Israel earlier this month, and as a result, launched it's puny home-made rockets against their enemies concurrently, it comes as no surprise that Israel retaliates in this way. Add to that mix the policy of keeping and maintaining Hamas-controlled strong points within civilian residential areas (a la Saddam Hussein) it comes as no surprise that whenever and wherever Israel targets Hamas it also kills civilians in the process due to simple physics and proximity.

What I'd like to know is: Where is Al Qaida? If this organization was hell-bent on rescuing the Islamic world from the oppression of Zionism and Imperialism as it states, why isn't it present and active in Palestine? We're reading and seeing reports of Al Qaida in Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, Tunis, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc...but zilch in Palestine or Israel...

Moreover, some of our leaders in the Arab and Muslim world are ever-steadfast in supporting and praising Al Qaida's efforts and messages with every bullet their cohorts fire at the Americans in Iraq, but not one stone is thrown in Al Qaida's name at any Israeli soldier in the occupied lands, ironically enough! But what's really ironic is than this isn't mentioned much in the news. In other words, nobody's paying much attention to the fact that where Al Qaida should be fighting, it isn't, and who it should be protecting, it isn't.

I can't blame the US for this crisis this time, not by a long shot. It's not the US that's planting combat & logistics bases in and around civilian populations, it's not the US that broke the cease-fire agreements, and it's not the US that's firing unmanned rockets at civilians. If the logic was that the US sold the weapons that are killing the Arabs to Israel, ican it be used against Russia or China, whose weapons are all over the occupied lands?

If anyone is to blame for this current state of affairs, it's Hamas, and to some extent Fatah not the Palestinian people, not the Israelis, and certainly not the Americans. Hamas has broken away from the legally authorized Palestinian Authority, and Fatah is still unable to reconcile with them. It's Hamas that had radicalized and hijacked Palestinian Politics, and Fatah is inable to reighn it in, and now Hamas has broken a truce that was in it's favor in the first place, and is making the Palestinian civilians pay for it with their lives while Fatah struggles to maintain political control over whatever scraps of land it still 'owns'. It's the same old Power game all over again.

One cannot fight a fully-armed and nuclear-capable enemy with sticks and stones, but as long as he can speak, logic and common sense always wins. Sadly, this piece of truth has gone unnoticed to many-if not all-of the Palestinians living in the occupied territories today, replaced by emotional outbursts calling for more and more sacrifices to be paid by the civilians.

Worthy of note, here, that Hamas is sponsored and supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, guess who their patrons are in Kuwait.....ring any alarms yet??


forzaq8 said...

Israelis were the ones who broke the truce , they didn't stop killing people in Gaza , or ease the blockade

i'm not sure what you are implying by ringing alarms of linking Icmkw
and Hamas , please explain

Aggz The Aggressor said...

No implications here, just facts. The Muslim Brotherhood, with it's long history of politics,struggles and assassination attempts, and resistance to almost everything emanating from the west, is now fighting a political war with Israel through it's patrons in Hamas. This is done in the name of Islam, the popular cause and the the rights of the people.

Over here in Kuwait, Hadas is also fighting a political war, utilizing it's power base in order to accumulate more authority and control. It uses controversial issues of Bedoon, segregation, Housing, health, corruption and other subjects of contradiction in order to win seats and votes, again in the name of Islam, the popular cause and the people.

The Palestinians (especially Hamas and the Izzedin Al Kassam Brigade) used violence all their lives, and what has it gained them in return besides the sympathy and empathy (and bank cheques)of the world? Death, destruction, riots and chants, flag-burning...that's not a resistance movement, it's a mob's revolt.

Hadas has been campaigning (successfully) for all their lives until it finally reached a point where it is able to dictate it's agendas openly and factually, and what have we gained? Segregation in schools, a near-complete stagnation of our economy, rising inflation, rising unemployment, increased racial and sectarian sensitivities and a weak government...all are ingredients for a social revolution, by the way!

Linkage nothing! These are the facts: I'm saying that they're two sides of the same coin, one's a face, the other's a number; One's actions, the other's words.

But that's my opinion.