Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Morning Coffee

Back when I was still in College I wasn't much of a coffee fan, in fact I hardly had any, even tea was an occasional indulgance. This went on until my final year, when I was introduced to a super-freak coffee addict. Take this exampe:
It's 2am, we're sitting on the front porch of my home, enjoying the simmering coal fire left over from our previous barbeque. We're all full to our eyelids with grilled food, everything from kebabs & burgers to salads and baked potatoes. We're all contemplating going to bed for the night when suddenly, this person says "Great, who's for coffee?".

Fast-forward to my first paid job, where I had to be awake and alert by 7:30am, the office teaboy sends over cups of turkish every hour or so over my way, and that's what settled it for me, I became hooked on morning caffeine within the first month.

Presently, I can't grunt more than two words before I have my cherished coffee, so much so that I've placed a policy of not speaking to me during the first 30 minutes of my waking up onto everyone that interacts with me...a foul habit, but it works wonders for my productivity!

Lately, the office administration's become so stingy that they've cancelled the contract with the office services company, and we're left without any office teaboy to address our caffeine addiction, so I had to resort to making my own java. I brought in my own hot water kettle, my own 3-in-1 satchets (the green 'Strong' type) and my own spoon. Three days in a row, everyone lines up in front of my office asking me to settle their fix! I'm just worried that now I'm the designated 'coffee boy' people might want to ask me to order some breakfast for them as well....

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baby said...

u can use a coffee machine..its easier.im currently using dunkin dounuts midum roast..at sultan.addiction