Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashionable Rudeness

This joker actually had the balls to accuse the incumbent Prime Minister - yet again - of being unfit to hold the position presented to him by the Emir, immediately after being released from the CID, where he spend the better part of a week there for saying the same thing in the first place!

Apparently, some Tribal MP's think that their consitituents will see this rudeness and belligerence crap as an act of courage and bravery; By buggering and bad-mouthing the government, and it's ministers, and especially the ruling family, they belive it'll win them some political points that add up during the elections.

The sad thing is, some of the constituents actually do believe this to be true, they're that gullible!

So, I'm guessing this joker, and others like him, are setting a precedent for others to follow suite in order to win more votes!

Bravo for the Ministry of Interior for applying the Law where & when it's needed, but apparently it's not enough to deter these jokers from controlling their brain farts....

It's like these people suddenly forgotten that, form the day the're born to the day they're buried, the government takes care of their most essential needs, be it health, education, social security, state security, subsidized food & living essentials, the works! It's the same government that these jokers are blasting and accusing of corruption. Now this government is trying to control them by making examples of the most loudspoken jokers of them all, but so far its not working.

My explanation is that these inbreds have become too interwoven into Kuwait's political & economic system that simply uprooting them and kicking them back to where they came from back in the '60's and '70's just wouldn't be feasible anymore.

Such a shame, Kuwaiti Democracy promised to be a good thing, now it's just for the history books...

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forzaq8 said...

he wasn't the first to bash the government to get votes
that has been happening since 1964