Sunday, May 17, 2009

The People Have Spoken!

While I am saddened that my personal favorite, Mr. Abdulla Al Nibari, was not lucky enough to make the first 10 positions, I was elated to find my other personal favorites, Aseel Al Awadhi and Masouma Al Mubarak, have not only made the list, but have reached the highest of positions within their electoral constituency. Nevertheless, Kuwait has voted four women into office today!

Other constituencies have not had much change within them, some lout-mouth MP's are still in office, some Islamicist MP's are still in office, some benign MP's are still in office, etc.. In fact, one may say that, in many constituencies, the faces changed, but the personalities remain the same.

Regardless, Kuwait has spoken. Change was needed and change was forthcoming, and now it's happened. For the first time in Kuwait's history, Kuwait will have not one female MP, but FOUR, all together. We now hvae a truly equal democracy, even though - already - some loudmouth Islamicist MP's are claiming that the Government was behind the female MP's success.

Come what may, change has happened, out efforts have been fruitful. There is a chance after all, let's hope this change is fruitful as well.


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I am so proud too !