Monday, September 28, 2009

iPhone Users: Rejoice! Instant Messaging is Here!!

It's very difficult to convince people of the benefits of new technology, and more difficult still, convincing them of the 'appropriate' uses of said technology. The same applies to the Blackberry users that are friends of mine. My usual gripe with the device, while a very capable corporate communications tool, is that it's price plans do not justify the Instant Messaging tool that makes it such a winner in Kuwait. The notorious BBM that silently eats away a users' mobile Data usage whenever a contact changes his or her online status!

As for users, I can understand College students using the BB, and of course I'm in complete agreement with, and admiration of, Employees and Businessmen and women who use it for their day-to-day needs, especially considering the BB's powerful email integration features, but what gets me really aggravated is the people who consider it to be OK to spend a small fortune in both obtaining the device and paying for the ridiculous monthly package costs for their teenage kids! What possible use is it to these adolescents apart from the IM feature? (besides the obvious 'bling' factor!)

Well, iPhone developers have a new feather in their caps, the "Whatsapp" app. It's an IM app that maintains an online connection with and between all the users of this app that are listed in your Contacts list, with a list of privacy and convenience features to go with it. Chiefly beneficial among them (for some, at least) is the Facebook integration and the individual privacy-per-contact settings. It's quite frankly a BB killer. And for those of you who are afraid to switch to iPhone from BB because "all your friends have BB" don't worry, the upcoming upgrade will allow both BB and iPhone users to chat together with this app. To me, that's when the team really switches sides!

I hope the next incarnation of the iPhone will have this feature built-in.

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