Monday, October 12, 2009

Opinions & Response to the "Hayef" Doctrine

Effects of MP Hayef's latest vocal attempts at using logic (which suspiciously resemble those made by a can of beans negotiating their way through a Cow's digestive system) have been strong, to say the least. Skimming through today's newspapers alone, I found many articles & opinions that are against this recent attempt by the MP at dehumanizing and patronizing the Kuwaiti Society. I choose these words deliberately, since a human is representative of 'free will', the elimination of which  would ultimately reduce the average human to an automaton, unwillingly obeying rules & laws without question or opinion. I also mentioned 'patronizing' because, when all else failed, MP Hayef is attempting to either force his issues or otherwise force his will onto the mass, in a very clear attempt at reigning in it's freedoms and rights.

Here are some of what I've found in today's newspapers alone;

From Today's Alwatan

From Today's Alqabas

From Today's Al Anbaa

Evidently, of course, there are other opinions that are 'in line with' MP Hayef's opinions, and as someone who believes in the right to be heard, I think it's prudent to mention that there are other voices who think that this is a valid issue that is worthy of note. (I just choose not to waste any effort in promoting them on my blog-it's mine after all!)

I hope one day that we can get through to these people, so they can see just how far away from Islam they can be sometimes.

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Aggz, I love your voice and the way you think. Please delete this comment as soon as you correct the quote you posted.

I have the right to think you're stupid (as in you are; it's a contraction. 'your' is incorrect. I'm not trying to embarrass you, I just think you probably want to have it right, eh?