Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hayef VS Lesbians

I waited for a day to see what would the reactions be, but I couldn't find any notable ones, aside from one on Frankom's Blog, so I decided to write my own

This MP, who considers himself as the protector of Islamic Principles, and has concocted himself his own political party, loosely translated to be called "The Ummah Principles Movement" has lodged what turned out to be a false complaint with the Police Department two nights ago. This was reported by a couple of Twitter services, the Burashed SMS News service and the Al Qabas newspaper, as far as I'm aware.

Apparently, there was a large gathering of women at a party hall in Surrah, and MP Hayef thought, or was led to believe, that it was a gathering of Lesbians, so he complained to the Police, who sent out a squad to investigate, only to find that it was a normal, well-disciplined 'Women Only' party. Now, I have a couple of issues here;

1-What gives MP Hayef the right to call upon the services of the Ministry of Interior to answer to his whims and wishes?
2-What convinced MP Hayef to consider this well-mannered party as a wild Lesbian house-rocking stint?
3-Considering the fact that it turned out to be nothing more than a women-only party, doesn't his complaint constitute a "False Complaint", which is liable under Kuwaiti Law as "Disturbing the Authorities"? Shouldn't that somehow be liable for a criminal prosecution, or a misdemeanor at the very least?

Imagine if one of your family members was invited to attend that party, what would have been your reaction had you read the initial SMS messages about MP Hayef's complaint? Would your doubt it at first? Or would you doubt your family member's sexual orientation? After all, he IS an MP, a cook in that kitchen of Laws and regulations, far be it for him to be in error at all!! (GASP!)

Haven't we had enough from MP Hayef and his 'Hayefology' already?? He's already proven to be an unworthy individual when he refused to stand up to the National Anthem, to which I'd already blogged about previously, then he attacked music and musicians, now he's spreading false complaints and no one's reacting.

What we need is not a savior from social degradation, but a lawmaker who respects the law he's sworn to uphold, and in my opinion, that's not Mohammed Hayef!


New Bride said...

GoD they r sick :( i wish we could live without those MPs

forzaq8 said...

while i don't stand with hayef in many of his antics we shouldn't jump on his throut for this

1- he has the right , as you do have the right to call the police and report a crime , yes gay party is a crime in kuwait these days

2- hershy , that news way in kuawit

3- yes it is a False Complaint
now the MOI have to
A) file a case
B) wait for Parliment to drop the protection on hayef
C) wait for court result

I think ( not too sure ) its a misdemeanor so its not going to stop him from rerunning