Friday, February 05, 2010

Poll: What's In a Burger?

I was surfing through some Burger Recipes, and came across 248am's survey of the best burgers in Kuwait, which made me think about different tastes & whims when it comes to the average burger connoisseur. I wonder what it takes to make a burger "the" best burger to some people. Personally, I prefer a simple setup, no guacamole toppings, no weird names, a simple patty & bun combination, with some ketchup & mustard, maybe a couple slices of pickle.

Of course, the patty has to be of good quality as well, preferably beef, because that's what a burger is really all about, otherwise the carnivorous taste would be diffused amongst all that flavor, at least in my opinion. So anyway, without further ado, as they say, I've put up a poll to gauge what's most important in a burger. I hope you all participate-bring a friend, too.

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