Friday, October 01, 2010

Just a short thought process

I haven't been quite as active as I should be lately, mostly due to the fact that my Internet activities have been boiled down to just reading tweets and RSS news feeds.

However, upon closer examination of recent developments in and around Kuwait, I've come to realize that not much has changed, and one thing always remains the same; IQ levels among humans.

Here's what I mean:

This handicapped man is Steven Hawking, quite arguably humanity's most intelligent human being ever to exist.

And this sorry excuse for a human being is, without a doubt, the most intelligent monkey ever to emerge from Darwin's theory of evolution.

One man uses little more than his brain to make sense while the other can't make sense of anything even if he used other people's brains!

Stay tuned for more......

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Sara E Anderson said...

Measured IQs have been rising steadily since the test was invented. That mostly just indicates a problem with the test, but fwiw.