Sunday, December 05, 2010

Al Juwaihel Beaten by Mob: The Demise of Kuwait's Democracy.

Last night, at a Speech rally at MP Ahmed Al Sa'adoun's residence in Khaldiya, whereupon around 500 people gathered to hear speeches made by over 22 MP's who have refused the Kuwaiti Government's political tricks lately, former candidate Mohammed Al Juwaihel was beaten by over 40 people until he was knocked unconscious.

Apparently, as the newspapers reported, MP Musallem Al Barrak was having his turn in giving a speech when Al Juwaihel got up and 'spat' at the large screen that was displaying the rally to the gatherers outside. At that point, some people around the man got into an argument which turned into a fist fight that lasted for ten minutes. the Rally's organizers-and later, the police, intervened to stop the attackers, but by that time, Al Juwaihel was knocked unconscious. 

Newspapers also reported that Al Juwaihel is still unconscious, suffering from what seems to be Blunt Force Trauma to his head (translation: His skull's cracked!), resulting in fragments of his skull breaking off and entering into his brain, as well as a cracked ribcage. C-T scans concluded that there is no brain hemorrhage. despite him being unconscious. Al Juwaihel is currently in the Al Amiri hospital, where there is a large Police presence, and visitations are restricted.

Reading some of the comments made by some of the readers, it's conclusive that a large majority of Kuwait has actually condoned this event, some even calling for Al Juwaihel's death! No word yet from any MO, whether present at the rally or not attending. I've gathered as much as I could from the pictures published by the Kuwaiti Newspapers here;

Last night was a sad event in Kuwait's history, and I am sorry to say that this may be the beginning of the end for Kuwait's Democratic way of life. Irrelevant of what was said or done, everyone has a right to express himself, and opinions to the contrary are expressed in words, not by fists. A man's life is hanging by a thread because he expressed himself, albeit very very badly! No one deserves a beating for expressing his opinions or views or tastes in a country where Law is present and Courts are Independent.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of what will sadly be a long road towards lawlessness and governmental failure. Last night, a Political activist was beaten by a mob, and soon this mob will ultimately rule the country. The government's actions in the coming few days will determine the course of Kuwait's Political future and stability. If a political activist's attack goes unnoticed by the government, it's a sure sign that this government does not care about Kuwait's Politics or the the security of it's people. 

In fact, on that note, I don't think I'm that far off, if Wikileaks has any truth to it's claims!


Aishah said...

How Ironic they gather to fight for democracy and yet at the same time they fight democracy!

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل عليكم

If we were all taking actions with our feelings and grudges I have a list of people I would like to knock down dead like people hosting this event, but that's why were an educated civilised community who live by a system of laws!
What happened to Jwaihel is a crime, whoever was part in the hitting or hosting in this event should be taken into custody or else this would be the final sign that there is no more security in this country and if u fear for the future of your loved ones I'd suggest you search for a new home or live in condemned silence!

Really saddening to see these barbaric notions in our peaceful country!!

G said...

It was wrong what happened to Juwaihel, even though he had it coming.

And I'm far from a conspiracy theorist but whomever sent him got to spin the story to what they want. But Juwaihel was the sideshow Political activists are being attacked by government everyday, Alfadalah, Aljassem, Almislem and we stand at the sidelines watching....Juwaihel's faaaaar from a political activist, he's part of the government freak show making a mockery of our system.

What happened yesterday was 26 people representing diverse sectors of society converging to stand against voiding our constitution and robbing our democratic institutions of their ability to do the job.

Juwaihel shouldn't have been beaten and I'm sorry for what transpired. But he was NOT the story.