Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Politics: What If 'Dubya' Was Right?

The George W. Bush Administration
Back in 2001,Al Qaida made a hero of a weird, senseless American President called George W. Bush, or 'Dubya' by his people (XXXXXX by others!). His spontaneous reply to one of the hecklers who wasn't listening to him clearly from among the ruins of the destroyed World Trade Center, made him larger than life to many distraught American citizens who, before that moment, were questioning whether they made the right choice in voting for this man.

Of course, that feeling was more pronounced when he and his administration decided to invade Afghanistan, something that was short-sighted and painfully expensive in many ways than one can discuss. But they did it, and without a sound, clear exit strategy, they're still doing it. Al Qaida in Afghanistan is reduced to a fraction of what it was before 2001. Globally, it's got a loud bark, and many people hear it, but it's muzzled and 'so far' tied to a lamp post, far away from mainstream civility. 

Iraq, on the other hand, is another thing altogether. Long overdue, the Iraqi Baathist regime simply had no place in the 21st century, especially it's method of rule, (in fact, neither does North Korea nor Iran) so it was considered the prime candidate for 'regime change', along with the rest of the 'Axis of Evil'. Personally, I'm not shedding any tears over the Baathist regime's downfall, and won't sugar-coat the fact that atrocities were inflicted by Iraqi's on both Iraqis and Kuwaitis well before the US/UK atrocities were reported. What goes around comes around, that's all I have to say in this matter.

But back to Dubya & his Dream Team. Did they get it right? 

Let's see, since January 2011, Egypt's fallen, Tunis has fallen, Algeria is shaking heavily, Morocco is on the brink, Libya is undergoing a  social and political metamorphosis, Iran's been on-and-off ever since Obama came to office, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia are all on shaky ground, with only Kuwait and the UAE being the most stable of them, thanks to their more moderate internal politics and wealth.

Iraq is so up in turmoil that it doesn't pose a threat to anyone but it's own people, for once in over 30 years.

North Korea's alienated it's Chinese compatriots (!) with it's rhetoric and it's spoiled brat attitude, as recently exposed by Wikileaks, and with a fledgling leadership, is now quietly on it's way towards some sort of reforms, least of which on the International Politics front.

Iran seems to be the only belligerent player, even though it's still suffering from mass riots and continued clampdowns on it's people.

So Bush's "Axis Of Evil" theory, and how to combat it, as come true, in a way.

In summary, Dubya's 'Axis of Evil' has been 'contained', for lack of a better term. On top of that, ever since Obama came to office & told the world that the United States is willing to 'repair' the damage done by the previous administration, many in the Middle East have begun to melt down & revolt against their oppressors who backed Bush. The now-canonical 'New World Order' theory has begun to take shape, and many are now discussing the Plan to Re-draw the Middle East. If that sounds like another conspiracy theory, you're right on the ball! Any Superpower willing to sustain it's posture would think this way, and would employ all power within it's means to ensure and enjoy the regular flow of energy continues to go ahead unabated and uncontrolled, reminiscent of the Kissinger Doctrine.

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