Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I Hate To Say "I Told You So", But...

There you have it, not too long ago this afternoon HRH the Emir issued a Decree to assign Sh. Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah as the Prime Minister (for the seventh time!) and ordered him to form a new Government. To some, it's a surprise, but to many, me included, it isn't. In fact, it's more likely expected. So basically, the efforts of over 17 thousand petitioners has just been swept away with the prevailing dusty winds. So if this isn't the clearest, loudest message from a Head of State to his subjects, I don't know what is! To understand why some people prefer another PM one only needs to look into the activities of all his past governments.
So here we go again; Forming a new Government, some new faces, some old (and not so wise!), more intimidation by the Parliament, more "distribution of wealth" initiatives, more interpellations, more political maneuvering, more calls to the massses by the Popular Action Bloc & other Political Animals, to the point where we'll see more demonstrations and more segregation of Kuwait's society.

I say, 'So What?', this Parliament will end in a year or so, having completed it's four-year tenure, and between now and then, I'm certain that many current MP's will be exposed for what they really are or what they truly stand for. By then, they'll either be too naked to run for office again, or criminally accused & condemned, thereby negating their right to run for office anymore. One could also assume that they could be bought off just to stay off the candidacy lists altogether. Maybe we'll get lucky and have a complete change of government, Parliament, PM and all, you'll never know when someone's "battery" might run out and say '**** that, I ain't doing that no more!' 

One can only dream, and maybe even not get a shoe upside his head for once!!

Speaking of shoes, I've got my eyes on this fine piece of foot apparel from New Balance, shown above. I've had a pair of NB shoes for the past 6 years now, and despite some slight wear & tear, they're still as comfortable and cozy to wear as the first day I bought them. I've taken them to both cold and hot temperatures, walked through beach sand, desert sand, garden sand, you name it. They go with Jeans, Shorts, even Dishdasha's, if you're into that stuff. I'm hoping that this pair would be as great as the ones I've got, or at least better than the couple of expensive Puma's that I own; too narrow & too long for my feet, not worth their price at all.

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flying eagle woman said...

I love to read your posts...you almost ALWAYS make my head spin!!!! Have a good day!