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Vaping & Lovin' it!

Vaping is a Lifestyle
I started smoking relatively later in my young life. I say 'relative' because most people in this part of the world start smoking at around 17/18 years old, and in some instances, earlier than that. For me, my entrance to the smoking stinky-poo category began when I was 20/21 years old. 

Before I go any further, let me be clear; I am by no means endorsing Vaping, I'm just expressing my opinions, and showing you where and how I came to those opinions. Smoking and nicotine are still considered dangerous, so just be cautious. 

Before I smoked, I could barely stand the smell! Since smoking, however, I've puffed away a fortune in cigarettes and Shisha (Hubbly-Bubbly for you non-Arabs!), and never really concerned myself with my own health or of those around me. 

It wasn't until very recently that I've become - 'proactively aware' I suppose - of the dangers of smoking, a mindset that was brought about gradually, a bit after I was diagnosed with Asthma, and was ordered by my Doctor to keep an inhalers with me 'all the time'! I started to think about actually quitting, but after trying it a couple of times i realized that my will power was too weak to stay off the things. Of course, other factors do have an effect; pressure at work, at home or on vacation, a chilly night, a good meal...all tempting scenarios where you can't stop yourself from pulling out that pack of imported Cancer sticks & lighting up!!

That was my situation until I discovered Vaping! I've been vaping for almost 3 months now, and I've not had a single cigarette on my lips every since. I'm very happy with my newfound habit, and I've already experienced the immediate benefits of Vaping, which are;

1- No Tobacco smell on my clothes or my hands or anywhere on my body.
2- No morning coughs, phlegm, and other nastiness.
3- No dark lips, stained fingers, etc.
4- No bad breath.
5- No Asthma attack or breathing difficulties due to Asthma.
6- No smelly car, office, home office, etc..

 There are other benefits, but I'm not going into all of them here, as they're relative from one person to another (or so I've been told). Suffice to say, however, that they're part-psychological, part biological, but all good!

I've been lucky enough to discover vaping at a time where it had just been 'allowed' in Kuwait. Early Vapers would tell you that what costs BLAH today used to cost them BLAH times 10 just 4 months ago!. Apparently, there was a small vape war in Kuwait, and the Vapers finally got their wish. I'm more inclined to think that someone among the higher-ups was actually a Vaper, and had somehow influenced the Government's decision to allow vaping devices & equipment into Kuwait, as is the case in many decisions these days.

Mind you, I'm not one of those 'Hard Core' RTA/RBA users (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, or ReBuildable Atomizers. Those guys are heavy-duty DIY'ers who prefer to build their own vaping atomizers - and produce clouds so thick you'd think they're barbecuing their lungs away - as opposed to simply replacing an old one with a new one. Plus, I don't have to re-juice my setup as often as they do. I just fill up my tank with my favorite juice at the time and enjoy the Vape! In fairness, however, I've been told that RTA & RBA setups do produce better flavors and an overall better vaping experience, but I really can't be bothered, not at this time anyway!

I've been vaping for almost 3 months so far, and I've not had a single cigarette since! So far, I've got 4 vaping devices, around 25 different e-Juice bottles, and a small Vaping bag to carry around the spare vape device should my main one run out of juice and/or batteries. I'm constantly reading up about new vaping stuff, and almost always tinkering with my Vaping Mods. You could say I'm hooked, but I'd like to say that I'm enjoying a new lifestyle.

In many ways it is a new lifestyle. No more do I have the urge to light up as soon as my eyes open up in the morning, no more nicotine withdrawal just because I've not had a smoke for the last 2 hours. Just a quick puff or two would give me that much-needed nicotine hit, and I'm good for a long time, and my mouth won't smell as bad as death! In fact, it would smell of Mangoes, Latte, Orange Ice Cream, Berries, basically any flavor I fancy from my gradually-growing collection of e-Juices. You don't smoke, you Vape, and you don't irritate your neighbours with cigarette smoke, you do that with vapor and the smell of Brownies & Cookies, or Orange & Vanilla, or Strawberries & Cream. Big Diff!

Also, I've noticed that more and more people are interested in Vaping, always asking me what flavor I'm using, what Vaping device I'm using, where to get stuff, etc.. In fact, so much so, that I've made a list of all things related to vaping. The following is by no means comprehensive, but it's a good start for those of you looking to know more about Vaping and so on....

What to know about vaping;

Vaping in the news:

Vaping Equipment Review Sites:

Vaping in Kuwait:
1) (all brands & types, home delivery & cash-on-delivery)
2) (Vaperfi specific brands & a few others, Home delivery & cash-on-delivery)
3) (all brands, & types, has home delivery & online payment via MyFatoora)
4) Shops & outlets in Salmiya, Behind Symphony Mall & Jabriya,  near Gulf Bank.

My First setup (and my recommendation for any first-timer) ;

My Latest Setup:

Recommended setup for Cigarette smokers (as told by Vapers):

Remember, over 330'000 flavor combinations, with % of nicotine levels ranging from 26% down to Zero! 

Immediate advantage & first impressions;
1) No cigarette smoke smell on hands, body, clothes, etc..
2) Breath smells better
3) Breathing improved
4) Morning coughing & phlegm reduced
5) Sense of smell & taste improved.
6) Guilt-free feeling of joy when filling up & vaping

1) A chore to setup a perfect device, especially the first few times. (thats why I went for a no-nonsense device to begin with).
2) Re-loading isn't a matter of tearing the wrapper off a pack of'll need to unscrew, fill with dropper, re-screw & regulate with a few puffs before you're set.
3) Some setups cam be bulky to carry around.
4) Some setups require recharging daily, more than others.
5) Over 330'000 different flavors to choose from, but some are yukky than others, and it's an experience you have to go through to find the right flavor.

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