Saturday, February 25, 2017

Music with expletives is not music!

I don't like listening to music that contains, or even references, sexual content, or swearing of any kind. I'm not being a prude, or defending my 40-something age or worried about poisoning the minds of our young and impressionable kids, or anything of the sort. I've always been this way, and that's probably why I've always been put off by the majority of Rap music, and some so-called R&B too. 
Having said that, I do admit that there were some very clever beats out there, like "O.P.P." and "Hip Hop Hooray"  by the now-defunct Naughty Nature (yep, still in the 'nineties'), but in general, while the world revelled in Eminem's seemingly prophetic ramblings about his mom, his pregnant girlfriend and his unapologetic society, I was still head banging to the likes of Zeppelin, AC/DC and Deep Purple. When 2PAC got himself shot, I had just discovered the amazing works of Trance, Techno, Acid Techno & Ambient music, a bunch of (Still) unknown artists who made amazing harmonic art. Even today I believe it would be criminal to call New Order's "Confusion" Pump Panel reconstruction mix anything - anything - but a work of Art! When Whiz Khalifa was making waves on the charts I was filling my iPod up with music from the Crystal Method and the Chemical Brothers.

Why? Because I like to enjoy listening to my music anywhere and anytime, especially with friends and loved ones. How awkward would you think it would be for anyone (with half a mind and some common sense, that is!) to explain to a 5 or 9 year old what the F-word is doing in a piece of dance music? Or what 'menage-a trois" means. Imagine, further, your'e walking around in a shopping mall and up comes a famous rap song full of expletives; "I effing effed him up & he effing effed up weird s*&@t out of his effing nose" etc..everyone would be walking around acting like they're not listening to anything around them, wouldn't they?
Its due to the simple fact that music is supposed to be an artistic and benevolent way to address the human soul that I consider expletives in music as indicative of a complete lack of artistic skill of any kind, and it's only fueling more idiocy among the crowds that don't know better. I'll admit that Heavy Metal does sometimes border on satan worship (depending on who you listen to & what their motives are), and Trance/Techno does require some aspirin after some time, but at least they're 'original' music, not some mis-mash of drums and vocals on a repeating loop on a music synthesizer (or smartphone). 

I don't mind expletives in movies, stand up comedy shows, or even some TV series. Music, however, is a more socially penetrating media, and can easily reach anyone who can access it. I, for on, am not in favor or having my children listen to some gangster wannabe with a nose full of snot just last year bragging about the size of his fortune, or how fast women and fast cars get him on a high, or other issues related to his lyrically-compensative anatomical equipment. 

I'm not saying that Rap music in general should be banned, but I do call for more awareness among the consumers, beginning with fining irresponsible producers, lest they continue in indulging and effortlessly distributing what I can only equate to be the musical equivalent of diarrhea. 

Belee -DAT!

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