Sunday, August 20, 2006

Film Review: Miami Vice

I recently got a chance to watch Michael Mann's latest work, the reincarnation of 'Miami Vice', one of the greatest TV shows of the '80's. Thanks KNCC!

I must say, Michael Mann's unique photogaphic and theatrical skills are terrific! You get the feeling of being 'in the discussion' with the actors, as opposed to being 'in the action' as with other movies (like 3D Special Effects in SciFi movies). You get this feeling when you watch his other great works, like Crime Story, Ali, Heat and the Last of the Mohicans..all great for your DVD collection. In fact, Heat is one of my favorites, I enjoyed it so much that I still listen to the soundtrack!

As for the movie, the plot was ok, the acting was good, the dialogue was realistic, the action was, well, active! My only gripe was the female villain, Isabella, played by Li Gong. I had such a hard time following the realistic and fast utterrance between the characters, I didn't need to concentrate my hearing on a character's jumpy English speech with a lousy American accent!

Jamie Foxx did an OK job, although in hindsight, I think his character's been overwhelmed by Colin Farrell, who plays Crockett, really well, I might add. And let's not forget the wheels!! A sexy Ferrari F430. I imagine the Gulf Road will be full of them pretty soon, hairstyle and all!

If you're into a movie that will get you lost in the world of crime and drug-running, enjoying buttery pop-corn, soft drinks and snacks, this movie is NOT for you! You need to concentrate on the dialogue in order to get the overall picture. Plus, some scenes will actually make you jump off your seat, they did with me, even when I expected what was going to happen! So, either wait for it to be released on DVD and enjoy it in the privacy of your own home theatre system, (or download it), or go watch it alone, with nothing but a bottle of water. Trust me, you will enjoy it more that way!


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