Sunday, August 27, 2006

What I'm reading these days

After a short but rich period of SciFi intrigue, eating away almost all publications made by Issac Asimov (who is still my best SciFi author) I thought i'd give current affairs a try.

I just finished reading a book called "Gideon's Spies" (the 2005 edition), a great espionage biography about the Israeli Mossad and how they operated, how they executed their operations, and other gung-ho 'for God & Country' stuff. It's ok from a 'gripping' point of view, but it does give some insight into some details for the detail-hungry history buffs out there.

Nowdays, I'm reading Thomas L. Friedman's "The World is Flat", and although I'm on my first few chapers, I am catching myself saying " AHA! That's what I thought" all the time, or "Hey, it DOES makes sense". It's ok, so far, and gives novices a great opportunity to get up to date with current Internet-related events, activities, technologies and services.

I'll see how it goes...but so far, it's way better that Berners-Lee's "Weaving the Web". Stay tuned. :-)


Her said...

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Chai-7aleeb said...


Fuzzy said...

im reading angels&demons by Dan brown

don_veto said...

Asimov is excellent, have you read the Foundation series? A classic.

I am reading the world is flat also, I did not finish it yet. I am always very careful with books and avoid bending the corner of pages and underlining or writing notes in the margins, but with the world is flat, I am bending every other page because of all the great wisdoms filling it that I want to reread.

The Aggressor said...

The foundation series are what got me into Asimov & Mainstream SciFi in the first place, although post-death works weren't as gripping as when he used to write them. I suppose the magic wasn't there like it used to be.