Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ramadhan's Coming (10 things that always happen)

It's strange how, every year, we seem to trap ourselves in a repetitive daily routine, that only surfaces once a year, and always during Ramadhan. Here's my take:

1-Wake up every day with a thirst for a cool, frosty glass of water, even though during usual days, you left your house without opening your mouth!
2-You can't stand not having your first cup of tea or coffee, which usually can be delayed a few minutes, or even an hour or so.
3-You're grumpy and sleepy all day, since you were up all night watching repeats of the pre-futoor shows on MBC (when you should have been praying instead!)
4-You try to squeeze in as much sleep as you can during the period before futoor and after you get home
5-You search for the latest trendy evening hangouts
6-You are suprised at the first Qabga you're invited to during the first week of Ramadhan, thinking that it's too early in the month for that!
7-(MEN) Getting to the Blocks in Kuwait City to buy the latest dishdasha material for Eid
8-(MEN) Rushing to your favourite tailor, haggling with him on price, delivery date, etc.
9-Saving up for your Eid, listing eligible Eidiya recipients, filtering out who qualifies & who doesn't, who gave whom last year and who didn't, etc..
10(A)-Eid Morning: Waking up before the birds to go to pray at the mosque; come back to have a nap before that strange feeling you get with the 'first breakfast'; make your family greeting rounds; have your family lunch-still an eerie feeling-go home to nap; wake up in the evening to complete your family rounds.
10(B)-Travel to London/Lebanon/Egypt/Dubai/Bahrain for your Eid.

Does it ever fail?? :-)

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~*Sabrun Jamil*~ said...

As'salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

That's so sad, ramadhan should not feel like you have to fill up a materialistic void, inshaAllah it's a time to gain nearness to Allah and reflect and also act on whatever small things you know. InshaAllah hope you have a good Ramadhan ameen. It must be so nice to do Ramdhan in a muslim country, in the west we have to take quite a lot of things into consideration, for example if you're in the middle of lab or class, or in ofice or meeting, as it is not a muslim country nothing is orientated around Islam, but alhamdulillah the struggle for the sake of Allah is well worth it.

Fi Amanillah