Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What I'm listening to these days

I've been on-and-off when it comes to music lately, always sticking to classicals like '80's Heavy Metal and the early days of Trance & Techno of the '90's to name a few. For example, I still find this youthfully-inspiring warmth when I listen to Iron Maiden's 'Aces High' or Judas Priest's 'Turbo Lover' . I don't know why, maybe it's something to do with the fact that those were the days of 'real music', raw and un-edited with sound enhancements and filters and other 'Milli Vanilli' tricks on the masses.

Enter the 21st Century, and here I am gleaning over Chicane, Oakenfold, Van-Dyke, Underworld, basically any DJ with a talent for remixes and edits that would force you to imagine driving around the city in a convertible, saving the world from extermination or something!

Of course, it's hard to beat Claude Challe's Buddha Bar music when you want to mellow out anytime of the day. :-)

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