Sunday, December 24, 2006

2007: The Rise of Cyberwars

It may sound like the title of a SciFi movie, but it's as real as a virus on your laptop! CNN reports that 2007 is expected to be the year cyber criminals will launch multiple attacks on multiple levels; Internet, mobile phones, wireless networks, etc.. They'll also be using blog sites to gather enough information about their victims to launch a targeted attack. Why? Simple, because they can! Also, because they may be able to make money out of it in the meantime!

Protecting yourself can be a multi-layered exercise. It's not about running an anti-virus program anymore (although that still helps), it's about having the common sense not to divulge personal information that may be used maliciously.

Here are some ways to stay safe while online:

  1. Keep your (real copy!) of your antivirus program patched up and updated regularly
  2. Perform regular system scans (auto-scan daily if you keep your machine on overnight)
  3. Use a good Personal Firewall to complement your Antivirus program (here's a good set of reviews)
  4. If you use Microsoft as your operating system, keep it updated regularly.
  5. If you use Mac as your operating system, keep it updated regularly.
  6. Avoid opening files emailed from people you don't know. (they may be phishing for victims)
  7. Avoid opening files from people you DO know (they may be victims themselves, so run your antivirus program to scan the email attachment before you open it)
  8. If you're operating a Wireless Network, ensure that you only authorize those machines that you know. (Use WEP or WPA over your connection. Here's how)
  9. When using an IM program, ensure that you do not divulge personal information to anyone you dont' know properly.
  10. When blogging, try to stay anonymous as best as you can. Anyone with half-a brain can find out who you are by simply following your posts and understanding your habits.
  11. Finally, stay away from suspicious websites! You can be the next cyber victim by being redirected to a webpage that promises you fame & fortune!

Even with these safeguards in place, you may still be prone to becoming victims of other scams by cyber-criminals, but it'll certainly make it more difficult for them to steal anything from you.

Stay safe....


Poena said...

What is your recommendation for a good anti-virus software?

Blessed be,

The Aggressor said...

Personally, I use Norton's Antivirus (The latest edition). Some people use PC-cillin (especially for Laptops with WIFI built-in, as it has a comprehensive protection feature for wireless networks.

For my firewalls, I use Microsoft's "Windows Defender" as well as 'other' solutions :) But you should have one that'll keep you updated & patched up, whatever you choose.