Friday, December 22, 2006

Food...Glorious Food!

I recently had the chance to tear myself away from working at the office AND at home (and away from my online games addiction) to have a couple of nice family evenings, where I took the opportunity to enjoy life's endless pleasure...FOOD!!

My first stop was at the notorious Chocolate Bar (Bidaa Road), where we ordered-among other things-the new "Chocolate Bomb".

In an nutshell, it's a roll of chocolate, filled with chocolate pudding, and Vanilla Ice Cream on the side (with an Oreo's biscuit to top it off!) If you wait for it long enough, you'll notice that the ice cream will eventually melt around the chocolate blob, encircling it with it's rich & creamy vanilla flavour, allowing you to have a spoonful of everything on the plate in one single scoop of your spoon. Exquisite! Divine! (Top it off with a shot of pure, warm Chocolate-if you dare!!)

A couple of nights later, I had a nice quiet late lunch at Cafe Blanc (Marina Mall). I have to say, WHATEVER you order, it's going to be terrific! Our star items were Hommous with mince & Pine nuts, Lemon chicken wings, Chicken Livers with Pomegranate sauce and Muhallabiya with Lavender and Rose flower sauces. It was enough to last until dinnertime the next evening. Need I say more??


Joud said...

try the chocolate fondue next time.. mmmm

viperq8 said...

Yummy ... i miss labenese food :(