Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The 2007 NBK Walkathon

I just read this article about the NBK Walkathon which was held last Friday afternoon. I think NBK is probably the only bank in Kuwait that hosts these activities with this much success. The secret? PR......and more PR!!

Consider this:
1-Upwards of 9'000 participants - minus the spectators - are now part of the NBK database. So that means they've all registered their names, contact information & addresses.
2-Translation: Complete & comprehensive customer profile; Name, address, contact info, marital status, employment details, etc.etc.etc....
3-Use: Cross-selling, up-selling, referral.

The beauty of it is, there's nothing wrong, morally, ethically or legally, with hosting this event in this way. In fact, it's a win-win situation, where the bank profits with information (and ROI in the medium-long term) while the community profits from increased health awareness.

In fact, it's so successful that groups like this have spinned off and are gaining popularity every day. This is what I call socially responsible.

Now if only the Ministy of Health can pitch in.....


Cerebralwaste said...

You are 10000% correct. This is just plain good old fashion business sense. Plain and simple. Something that sadly is missing in a big kind of way in this day and age.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Interesting observations!! Also people will be healthier and live longer - and hopefully take even more loans from banks at their ridiculous interest rates! It is a win-win situation indeed!