Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WARNING: Dieting Actually Damages Your Health!

I KNEW IT!!! I've always known it! I always felt in in my bones, discouraged myself from following it through or even condoning it to any of my well-rounded acquaintances...dieting in any way, shape or form is counter productive to any healthy weight loss program, as outlined in this article, and again in this article.

Now, if these articles are anything to go by, this means that relaxing in front of a TV, watching your favorite show or the latest DVD, or playing your favorite PS2/3 game. Personally, I've always preferred a Big Mac Meal (Super-sized, with Sprite), a Double-Cheesburger (with egg) and a box of Chicken Mc Nuggets, all being enjoyed while watching the latest (AHEM) downloaded episode of Battlestar Galactica or Lost or The Unit, or even the Leno/O'Brien/Letterman shows. Basically, anything that involves lazing about & NOT dieting!

Of course, that doesn't mean one goes to town with the closest refrigerator, or gets superglued in front of the TV or computer either....although I-for one-will understand if that happens! It just means that one has the basic three square meals per day, with lots of healthy, good liquids, along the lines of a moderate, healthy program.

My all-time favorite would be a home-made sandwich, filled with a light layer of mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce, buffalo tomatoes, Edam cheese and slices of Beef Mortadella, all lightly garnished with some naughty Tabasco Sauce and Ketchup...dee-lish! A couple of these beauties, coupled with a cup of icy-cold 7-Up and a side order of fries or salted chips would make for a very tasty and healthy lunch or dinner.

To see if you're a healthy eater, try this test....Bon Apetite!


NiQa said...

finally someone agrees! FOOD IS GOOD!

NAPAJ said...

Dieting is so 80s/90s anyway! End of the day, you are what you eat.