Friday, June 29, 2007

Food & Movies: The Ultimate bad mood remedy

Food and moods go hand-in-hand. If you combine the two, you get a time-tested remedy for those low moments in your life, or the 'get-over-it' requirement for a new relationship/job/failure/etc.

The combination of the two is threefold:
1-Comfort food affects the part of the brain that induces positive moods
2-A good Movie opens a window into a world of fantasy, away from real-life troubles, if only for a couple of hours
3-After both have been consumed, with the least bit of interruption as possible, you should be in a much better state of mind than a before, thereby in a better position to make better decisions.

Personally speaking, this has worked wonders for me. For better measure, go loco on a complete series or season of your favorite show...

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