Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Zataofi: A New Zen!

I used to love my job. I had plans to upgrade, improve, roll-out, innovate, be the first to market, etc. Basically, I had a dream, and it's been blown to ashes by a sub-standard IT project manager masquerading as an Executive IT Manager.

Apparently, here in Kuwait, if you work towards the good of the organization that pays your salary, you're not a team-player, (translation: you become a threat to people you're working with, and therefore, alienated and disgraced by them, not praised nor thanked!)

Well, since becoming a father recently, I've begun to see things through a new looking glass, called Zataofi. It's worked wonders for me so far. Whenever something illogical or inexplicable, or simply stupid happens to me at work now, all I say is "ZATAOFI!" and it all goes away! Just like that. And the best part of it is, I still get paid!

...I'm so enjoying this.

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chikapappi said...

LOL - Am gonna be doing that all the time! :)