Monday, July 23, 2007

Kuwait Airways VS Alitalia

Considering the trouble and political wrangling that has been going on for some time now about the status of Kuwait Airways, and it's inflating budget deficit vis-a-vis it's plummeting quality of service, it comes as a shock to me to read this article about Alitalia's state of affairs, and how the Italian government is willing to sell it off for "one euro to anyone willing to take it off Rome's hands or letting it go bankrupt".

The last time i took a Kuwait Airways flight was last year, coming in from Bahrain, and it was out of desperation, and not preference! Even the low cost carriers like Jazeera and Al Arabiya have much better service, and they're 'low cost" carriers! The routes are better, the destination are more varied, even the flight attendants are nicer.

My apologies to any KAC staff who may be reading this post, but like everyone else, i say it the way I see it>

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eshda3wa said...

i took an alitalia flight 10 years ago
theres good reason why i havent returned to use their services