Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Signs You're a Social Networking Loser!


11.You own the lowest-ranking videos on YouTube.
10.You have more accounts than friends in any of those accounts.
9. Your photochopped user pic actually makes you look uglier.
8. Even spammers refuse to comment on your page.
7. You have the MIDI version of the Macarena as embedded audio.
6. Tom has removed himself from your friend list.
5. Even your mom won't accept your friend request.
4. ur speling n grammer suk so bad, u scare away teh 13yr oldz
3. The person you stole your CSS from has posted an apology for it on their account.
2. Facebook says you'd be better off on hideouslymisshapentrollfacebook
1. Your profile is featured in a "Ten MySpace Blunders to Avoid" article.

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