Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pics from my Mobile

Sometimes you come across stupidity at it's most basic forms, and so in-your-face that it's impossible to deny, or to consider as anything else BUT stupidity!! Scrolling through my mobile phone, I found these pics from my mobile phone.....enjoy!

Lost in Translation?? Can't anyone invest in some "Introductory English" course for some of these people??

Safety first?? What if someone throws out a cigarette butt right onto the cloth wrapped gas lid?? (I was tempted!)

Safety Second...BLING first! Right in front of the Petrol station's emergency exit (Hawalli Petrol Station)

Of all the names & possibilities, this Taxi company chose this??

I found some more of these gems loitering about some of my MMC cards, ill try to post some of them in the next few days, as I find them.


Ansam said...

LOL this is absurd!

chikapappi said...

Random at its best- I cannot manage to take pics from the car, afraid someone would get upset or something :$