Sunday, September 09, 2007

Things that make you go "HMMM" -Revisited!

I found so many news articles of valuable comedic worth that I decided to put some of them all into one post today:

Saad Al-Abdullah Academy opens doors to Bedouns
So, instead of enhancing the Academy to produce quality results, it's been decided to enhance it to produce even more trash! -And I don't mean the bedouns, or the fact that Women can now be enrolled into the it & find out!

Police foil Iran spare parts deal
They caught the man, once, relased him & told him to "GET A REFUND" and not to do it again....guess what happened next!? Read on....

KD100 Million Relief Fund for Prisoners with Debts!!
OK, humanitarian. But why shouldn't these funds be used for Housing, or Schooling, or Medical care? More to the point, what happens if these prisoners resume their jobs and get back into debt again? Worse still, what would those would-be check bouncers think of this legislation??

Public Authority for Insustry assigns land to companies without Municipality Approval
Talk about headless chicken!! it a wonder why I sound so pessimistic sometimes??


chikapappi said...

Ahaa.. too much ahaaa & Hmmms.. pessimism, naaah - it's reality & we go through everyday, u just worry and think stuff over too much :)

Zed said...