Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Obituary: Sheikh Salem Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah

I heard the news just after noon yesterday, and was waiting for confirmation before I posted about it. Unfortunately, I got mixed up in other affairs before I remembered to post this entry.

I met the late Sheikh on a few occasions, he seemed to be a warm, kind-hearted and sincere gentleman, who'se sole mission is to uphold Kuwait's honour and rule of Law, on himself before the citizens. After he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, he was asked to leave politics, but stayed around to fight for the P.O.W.'s of Kuwait, and their families, and this happened until very recently. The man was dedicated to Kuwait all his life, right till the end. I wonder how many people in government today could be thought of as such....

Some whould say these were generalized statements, that on such-and-such date, or so-and-so time, something happened that would refute these comments that I made, or that some of his policies during his time with the Ministry of Defence and/or Interior were questionable and biased, etc. etc Some of these stories may be true to some people, especially those who tend to believe in them, either "just because" they're in reference to a member of the Ruling family, or without looking into justification of action or intent. However, for intents and purposes, Sheikh Salem was actually a "good" man, born and bred with respect to self and others deeply rooted into his genetic makeup, and with a strong sense of responsibility. That much, at least, was true of him. He was a good man, I actually believe that.

It was with a few good men like the late Sh. Salem that Kuwait was built into the strong economic state it is today, and it's with this calibre of leaders that helped and aided Kuwait to live through the hard times and tough situations of it's short and turbulent history.

Kuwait has had many politicians, leaders, MP's, ministers, artists and captains of industry, but it's with the grace of God, and the help of a few good men that Kuwait is still the free and independant country it is today.

May He and all believers rest in peace, and may all sins be forgiven, ours and theirs. Ameen.

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