Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So HOT!!!!!

Now that's what I call "hot"!! Incidentally, peppers in general, tend to have some nice advantages to the human's overall health, and I mean besides the expected comedy when you jokingly slip in a piece of red pepper into your frien'ds Shawarma!
Pepper has been found beneficial in moderating many types of stomach ailments, such as stomach aches related to any number of causes, gas and many different types of heart problems. Cayenne pepper particluarly is effective at lowering cholesterol and it improves the circulation of blood and is believed to be beneficial in preventing circulatory disease. It also decreases the possibility of blood-clotting, especially after surgery. Cayenne pepper is also beneficial when a person as has a toothache or suffers from migranes. It's also believed to help fight certain cancers!
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chikapappi said...

Dude, am a lady on fire! I love peppers :D

TOUCHE' said...

That's a "Run for your life" sign for me.

I don't comprehend the idea of having tons of explosives in your meal and still find that tasty and yummy!!!

Runny nose, aching throat, red eyes, headaches, dangled tongue and sweating. How do those fit in a delicouse meal by firing up your palates!!