Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Years since the Prince of Hearts passed away

Two years since the late Emir passed away. It seems like a lifetime, with all that's happened in the country. Economic and political uncertainty, Women's rights, corruption, social decline, military threats, terrorism, all the things that lead to a downfall, especially for a state that's been built upon the concept of political institutions.
He always knew what was the right thing, and wherever possible, always did the right thing, for his people and his country. Few people know that he was the man behind the concept of the "Fund for Future Generations", and the Social Security mechanism and the Kuwait Institue for Scientific Research, to name a few. And he constructed some of those strategies even before he became the Emir.
I miss the late Emir. I miss his generous smile and wide fatherly eyes. You always knew what to expect from him, there was very little uncertainty about him. Sure, he'd made a few bad calls on some occasions, but that's how it is with great leaders.
You never know what you have untill it goes away....


Aldenya said...

كان أميرا وقائدا نفتخر به دوما
في حياته وحتى في مماته
بإبتسامة الشفافة
وعيناه التى تحكي من دون أن تتكلم
وقلبه الذي كان دائما يتملكة الخوف على شعبه
الذي أحبه من كل قلبه
الله يرحمه ويغفر له إن شاءالله
" فقدناه "

LRS said...

Are you implying that women's rights lead to a downfall?